Crystal Wands

Crystal Wands have been used in many cultures throughout history. Crystal Wands can be used for a number of purposes some of which may include: Healing, directing, transmitting, focusing and amplifying energy, used as an 'energizer', using as a 'light tool' in ritual, Wicca and Magick. The single terminator ends are ideal for self-development and for generating a focus of the crystals energy and respond well to dedication or programming. A Double terminator wand is ideal for energy direction one end being the Director / Transmitter the other the Collector / Receiver. Crystal wands with one rounded end are also wonderful for use in massage. As well as stocking a large range, we custom make crystal point wands upon request. Delays may be involved depending on our current load. Please feel free to email us to discuss your requirements. To view the current ranges available please search the Healing Wands category of the store.

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