Crystal Pendulums

A pendulum is a powerful tool that can help answer questions and is very useful in decision-making. It can also be used in Dowsing to find the location of something. The answer is found by observing the movements of the pendulum. Mostly people use a pendulum for getting yes or no type answers. But it can be extended to answers that require direction, a word or a number. Made up charts can be incorporated in the use where the pendulum will move or gravitate towards the correct answer. They can in fact be used for many purposes and can even be used for discerning what foods/supplements a person should take into their body. A pendulum is a tool or instrument to give you personal divining power. Many say that the pendulum creates a bridge between the logical and intuitive parts of the mind. The pendulum helps you bypass the logical mind and delve into the subconscious, where your personal questions can be easily answered without the mind's logic cluttering your thoughts.

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