SUNSEAL Glass Decal / Sticker for Windows - BUTTERFLY FAIRY


Up for offer is a NEW Australian Made Large Sunseal Decal / Sticker as shown in the photo for creating stunning Stained Glass effects!

Sunseal designs are jewels of inspiration to place in your favourite spaces.
When the sun shines through them, they bring streams of coloured light into any room.
Sunlights have luminous presence of stained glass.
These designs are offered in the spirit of a happier and more peaceful world.
The photos in these listings are lower quality than they are in real life for quicker loading times.

Clean the glass or other surface.
peel off the white backing.
Apply the Sunlight Design, starting at the top and smoothing out to the edges.
Then voila! you have an instant inspiring design - please see below for examples of these designs applied to windows.

Sunlights adhere to any surface!
Use them on your car and house windows, glass doors, skylights, mirrors, refrigerators, notebooks, anywhere!
Slip one into a letter or card as an illuminating gift for a friend.

These designs are the larger types of the many we have available.
The card that they come on is approximately 165mm wide by 215mm high.
The diameter of the peel off designs when they come with a round centre design are approximately 140mm across which is bigger than a CD!
We have many other sticker designs available and other ranges of smaller 'Sunlights' as well so please look in our store.
We also have a fabulous range of 'Sunbeam' luminous Fantasy Stick-ons.

Just some of the other designs and themes that we have available for purchase in the 'Sunseal' range include:
Butterflies, Celtic Designs, Chakra Healing, Dolphins, Dragons, Dragon Fly's, Earth Blessings, Eyes of Buddha, Feng Shui Ba-Gua, Lotus's, Fairies: Moon & Star & Butterfly, Love & Light, Mandalas, Mermaids, Pentacle / Pentagrams, Ohms, Seahorses, Tree of Life, Unicorns, World Peace, Yin Yang, etc.

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