WICCA Jewellery Pendant K) Pentacle & Dragon 2


This is a New Pendant & black cord Necklace on a card as seen in the photo.

In celebration of the symbols of the spirit comes this Nirvana Jewellery with a Wiccan and pagan theme.
This new specialised pendant comes on a beautiful colour card printed with accurate and uplifting information about the specific piece, which gives them a distinct edge.
This is a detailed lead-free pewter pendant/charm/talisman, strung on a waxed cord.
They have a timeless design including images powerful and sacred.

These particular pieces embody the symbol of the pentagram a spiritual symbol that are sought out today to connect us to ancient beliefs and traditions and lead us into the age of Light ahead.

"Standing in the pentacle of light, each one of them grasping the magic pendant around their neck, the coven hold up their shining faces to the moon, and in the sacred poetry of spell they call upon the symbols of the power of the ages to make manifest their visions.
This is an extended range of 18 designs, offering a varied selection of one of the most powerful symbols of sorcery, the pentacle, as well as many other magic and sacred".
Please note that the low file sized for quick load time photos don't do this range enough justice.

Taken from the Pendant card - Wicca: The Wiccan Collection.
Pentacle The Pentacle is a schematic map of the Cosmos.
Its five points stand for the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, and the fifth element, Consciousness.
They also stand for the Four directions, and the centre, the place where you are.
The Pentacle is one of the oldest symbols in the Western World.
It is still revered as a sign of witchcraft, the first of all the healing arts.

Dragons symbolise a powerful animal of all in Celtic mythology, the dragon symbolised the whole of creation, in the might of the earth and in the bending of the rivers.
The dragon is depicted as a union of the beneficial powers of the elements. Uniting water (the serpent) with air (the bird, the breath of life), it represents the coming together of matter and spirit.

Dimensions of the pendant are approximately 52mm in diameter across from wing tip to wing tip and 55mm in length including the clasp. The cord is very long and can be adjusted to any length. The pendant is made from Fine Lead-Free Pewter. It comes on the card shown which is printed on recycled paper.

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