Double Terminated Crystal Pendant - AMETHYST (SA)


Dimensions of this wonderful little Double Terminated pendant are approximately 26mm long by 7mm wide across the widest way. (35mm approx long including the setting and clasp as well to the end point)
The setting is silver in colouring and the pendant you are purchasing is the actual one shown in the photo above we have other crystal types available and all are the actual pieces shown for auction.
A short list of some of the properties of the particular crystals are listed below.

A Double terminator such as this focus's power and is ideal for self-development.
Experimentation with Kirlian photography shows that the direction in which the point is worn makes little difference; there is actually an overall increase in the energy field no matter which way the crystal points.
Double terminated crystals move energy in two directions at the same time and can act as a bridge between 2 energy points.
Wonderful in unblocking negative energy, and an excellent all round balancing and healing tool.
Remarkable on its own, but these crystals are not only capable of structuring, storing, transmitting and amplifying diverse energies, (properties of quartz in general) but producing their own energy, which happens to have an overwhelmingly positive effect.
Worn or carried the aura is intensified, providing subtle and physical protection.
Ayurveda, the extremely sophisticated medical knowledge of ancient India, understands the aura to be the first wave of the immune system.
The benefits of strengthening the aura are more tangible than most would imagine.
Used to promote psychic ability and dream recall; an excellent all around balancing tool to balance the body, mind and spirit.

  • Stone of "Spirituality and Contentment"
    It balances the energies of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies and provides a clear connection between the Earth plane and other worlds.
    Strong protection stone. Can also be used to protect against psychic attacks; the energy of the attack being transmitted to the universe after its transformation into positive, loving energy.
    Transforms negative energies into positive.
    It clears the aura and stabilises and transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within ones body.
    Soothing and Calming to the mind and thought forms.
    it is "warm & cuddly" as well as a regal & ruling. It brings one the energies of serenity & composure while inciting fairness in decisions & enhancement in the ability to manage any & all responsibilities.
    Inspirational. It assists in the assimilation of new ideas.
    Used to treat insomnia and migraines.
    Enhances Psychic abilities.
    It is also a "stone of meditation", being excellent in conducting the energy of calm and peacefulness to help one to both enter and maintain the state.
    It opens and activates the crown chakra.- Melody 'Love is in the Earth'.

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