SLEEPING LIKE A BABY Meditation CD - Lyndall Briggs Gary Green


This is a NEW Guided Meditation & Information CD & Guidebook.

How much have sleepless nights cost you or a loved one?
Would you like to sleep like a baby, waking up ready & able to conquer the toughest assignments, improve your health, be free of tension/stress & have more energy?
When you buy this kit, you'll see, hear, feel & experience all the great benefits of this highly effective program.

Listening to the Sleeping Like A Baby CD & implementing the enclosed Guidebook's suggestions, will help you get off to sleep faster than ever before & stay there.

These Self Development Kits have been proven effective by research published in the Counselling, Psychotherapy & Health journal.
The research found that amongst other benefits these kits increase general feelings of well-being, increase positive thoughts & improve coping ability in stressful situations, while decreasing incidence of insomnia, feelings of anger & negative thinking.

Self Development Kits incorporate breakthrough relaxation techniques, calming Guided Imagery, hypnotic techniques, Binaural Beats & Subliminal Sounds, which will help to feel totally relaxed whenever you wish, quickly & easily.

This Bonza Self Development Kit contains a 6 track 75 minute CD, plus a 25 page colour Biblio-therapeutic Guidebook, and it's all 100% natural, no pills, no potions necessary!

This program can be used as often as you like in the comfort & privacy of your own home.
Starts working in minutes.
Suitable for all ages & lifestyles.

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