Tai Chi - for Beginners - DVD - Dr. Paul Lam


This is a new unplayed DVD - Sealed in plastic.

Begin Your Journey to Better Health with Tai Chi Step 1-2-3.

For many years Dr Lam has worked with thousand of instructors and students toward an ideal Tai Chi Program for beginners.
He and his team have come up with a fun, easy to remember and still containing the essence of Tai Chi.
It is safe, suitable for anyone to improve health, relaxation and fitness.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step." A Chinese proverb.

Let Dr. Lam help you place your first Tai Chi step in the right direction, making it an enjoyable experience.
You will learn a simple and effective set of Tai Chi and gain a solid foundation for further progression.

The program commences with a brief introduction to Tai Chi, followed by a series of unique Tai Chi warm up, cooling down and Qigong exercises.
This then leads to a set of Foundational Movements and finally the Beginner's Forms.

* Step 1. One Warm Up Exercise
* Step 2. Two Stretching Exercises
* Step 3. Three Cool Down Exercises
* Step 4. Four Qigong (breathing, energy) Exercises
* Step 5. Five Foundational Movements
* Step 6. The Beginner's Sett

Below are some of the comments from viewers -
"Your video is so easy to understand and remember. I had so much fun learning that I wanted to go to the next step!" - Andy Cramer, Illinois, USA

"I send you love and energy and appreciation for all your inspiration and instruction. Your video changed my life." - Peggy Tabor USA

I am impressed with the quality of your programs and services. I feel certain that your tai chi course will benefit elders in my area. - Robert Mc Brien, Ph.D.

"I also find that your explanations of the principles and moves are very thorough and easy to understand.
Due to my working situation, going to Tai Chi classes are very difficult, but with the videos I am able to work out and learn at home and apply the principles in the class." - Allan Hartshorne

Running Time Approx: 90 minutes.

This Disc is manufactured in Australia.
The following information is taken from the back of the DVD artwork:
PAL 0 All Regions

Please note that Divine Moon Design can not be held responsible for any incompatibility issues and can not offer any refund if such issues arise.
Further to this all customers, in particular North American customers, need to be aware that while all information regarding disc formatting and capabilities are listed directly from the DVD information itself, no guarantees are made or can be made that this disc will work on your systems.
Please note for overseas customers that your TV system needs to also be considered - generally a multi-system TV (i.e PAL & NTSC compatible) is required to play the program as well.
Australian manufactured DVDs are formatted in PAL. They are encoded for Region 4 unless stated otherwise.
Some discs have multiple zones ensuring playability in other countries, providing that your DVD player and television are both PAL compatible.

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