Power Animals: How to Connect to Animal Spirit Guides BOOK & CD


This is a NEW beautifully presented Hard Cover BOOK and sealed CD (CD contained in sealed packet in the back of the book).

How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide' - Hardcover BOOK with Guided Meditation CD - Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

In this book with its accompanying CD, Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. guides you through a journey to discover and connect with your power animal.

Once you've determined who your power animal is, you can refer to the text to learn what this says about you, find instructions on how to call you spirit animal, and read a channeled message for you from that animal spirit.

You'll also find out which animal spirit to call on for particular situations, and additional tracks on the CD will help you consult your power animal as an oracle.

Your power animal will not only help you develop a greater sense of personal and spiritual power, but will also help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually - as well as guide you through difficult life transitions.
Your animal spirit guide can show up in its physical form; or you can contact it through meditations, journeys, or dreams and ask it for guidance, healing or protection.
Working with your power animal directly or through imagery and symbolism will put you in touch with your own instinctual nature, thereby increasing your intuitive awareness and enhancing every area of you life.

Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. is the author of several books and articles, including Sacred Ceremony: How to Create Ceremonies for Healing, Transitions, and Celebrations, and Power Animals: Connecting with Your Animal Spirit Guides (September, 2004).
Having explored, studied, and taught trauma recovery, men's issues, shamanic practices, and spiritual transformation extensively, Dr. Farmer brings a wealth of skills and over thirty years experience to his writing, teaching, and healing work.
In addition to being a licensed psychotherapist, he is also an ordained minister in the Circle of Sacred Earth Church.

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