This is a NEW Boxed DVD and BOOK set (Boxed & sealed in plastic)

Discover the remarkable natural healing properties of massage using aromatic essential oils with this stunning set.
With an instructional DVD and full colour companion book, this is all you need to begin experimenting with essential oils.

In this package:
• Aromatherapy Massage Book & DVD

Author: Margie Hare
Aromatherapy is a healing therapy based on the use of pure essential oils for physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
These all-natural oils have a powerful therapeutic affect but can also relieve stress and anxiety, bring balance and harmony, delight the senses and lift the spirits.
Essential oils, derived from the flowers, leaves and other parts of plants, are highly concentrated and it is important to understand when and how to use them.
Aromatherapist Margie Hare explains how the oils are derived, how to blend and use them and which oils to use as natural remedies for many common ailments.
Aromatherapy Massage is especially beneficial. It can be stimulating or relaxing depending on the oils used and the technique applied.
Both the book and the DVD feature aromatherapist Margie Hare's excellent step-by-step guide to the art of massage with essential oils.
The massage techniques are fully illustrated, practical and easy to follow.

Here's what you should know:
• In this special book-and-DVD set, aromatherapist Margie Hare explains how aromatherapy oils are derived, how to blend and use themu, and which oils to use for common ailments
• The book includes a complete step-by-step guide to aromatherapy massage, easy-to-follow reference tables, and 80 pages of full-color photographs
• The 60-minute DVD enables you to learn the techniques at your own pace, and serves as an archive of practical, detailed information about the many essential oils
• Book Length: 80 pages
• DVD Run Time: 60 minutes

Dimensions of the total box before packaged is approximately 220mm X 290mm by 32mm deep.

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