Smudge Stick - Large SAGE & LAVENDER Natural OZ grown


To smudge is to purify or clear negativity with Smoke from certain sacred herbs.
The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke comes from native peoples in both North and south America.
Smudge bundles for safety are recommended to be ignited over a ceramic bowl containing sand. Gently blow upon the glowing embers to produce smoke.
Smoke may be used to purify the body, home, office and healing rooms.
Gently blow or fan (traditionally with feathers) until your ceremony or your dwelling and all those concerned are lovingly cleansed by smoke and the rich earthy aromas of burning herbs.
After smudging, extinguish bundle in sand and store for future use.

Dimensions of this SAGE & LAVENDER smudge stick is approximately 175mm long from top to the end of the tip and along the base top it is approximately 38mm wide across the widest part towards the top.
Stick comes as is with written guide in plastic bag.

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