Return to Nothingness: Qigong Meditation CD - Simon Blow


This is a NEW CD (Sealed in plastic).

The third CD in the popular Qigong Meditation CD series is for the advanced student.

One of the aims of Qigong is to allow our internal energy (Qi) to harmonise with the external energy (Qi); allowing our consciousness to merge with the universe - return to nothingness.
When we enter into a deep sleep the body will start to rejuvenate; all the meridians will start to open and much healing can take place.

Track one twenty minutes, let Qigong Master Simon Blow assist you in guiding your own energy to harmonise with the energy of the universe.
This practice is best done at night or when you have a few spare hours.
An important tip: when awaking in the morning or after practice, return to the nothingness for a few minutes before getting up.
Track two, thirty minutes beautiful music my Dale Nougher.

A 20 minute guided meditation and 35 minutes of healing music to harmonise the yin and yang energy of the body to strengthen and stimulate energy centres in the body.

The circulation of Qi (Chi) around the Heavenly Orbit is one of the foundations of Chinese Qigong.
The energy rising up the back 'Du' channel (Yang) harmonises with the energy descending down the front 'Ren' channel (Yin) helping balance the energy of the body.

Let Qigong Master Simon Blow assist you in guiding your life force around the energy centres of the body creating harmony with the universe and with the inspiring music by composer Dale Naugher, uplift the heart and create a state of positive wellbeing.

"From time immemorial the human being has been on an endless search for knowledge, health, fulfilment and inner peace.
In this quest, the Chinese discovered the gateway to wisdom and happiness - the knowledge of Qi, which is the basis of all Chinese culture.
Once you start studying Qigong to master the Qi energy, you embark on a path of great knowledge and wisdom" Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim

Discover your inner peace through Qigong.

Features - Spoken Word & Music
Suitable for - Meditation / Relaxation / Qigong Practice

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