Discover your SPIRIT GUIDES - Guided Journey with Artemis CD


This is a NEW information & Guided Meditation CD (Sealed in plastic).

• Track 1. Learn about the different types of spirit Guides, the messages they have come to teach, and how they communicate with us.
• Track 2. Chakra Balancing meditation - balance your energy fields and become an open channel for spiritual messages.
• Track 3. An explanation of the chakras and other tools for balancing them.
• Track 4. Invocation - How to call in the best Spirit Guide for you.
• Track 5. Learn to use a pendulum to communicate with your spirit Guide
• Track 6. Spirit Guide Meditation - meet your Spirit Guide, and communicate with them through automatic writing and clairvoyance.

Music on "Angels wings" by Ralph Tyrrell.

"Artemis is a respected Australian clairvoyant, spirit guide artist and author, whose deep insight into human nature, psychic potential and esoteric wisdom has allowed her to touch and empower the lives of thousands of people. her first book - 'Dreams: Signs of things to Come' (a dictionary of dream symbols co-authored with Quentin Watts) has become an Australian best-seller since its release in 1994, whilst her second book, earth Song, has received outstanding revies from readers for its simple, effective tools to achieve personal happiness and self-empowerment.
Artemis is also well known for her psychic and dream programmes on australain radio." - taken from CD back.

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