Peruvian Alpaca Silver Crystal EARRINGS LM1) - White Agate


For offer are gorgeous BOHO Crystal and Bamboo earrings like those shown in the photo.

Our range of Peruvian Alpaca Jewellery is Hand-made by highly skilled Artisans from the Andes of Peru.

These earrings contain semi-precious crystals as listed above. (Type listed to the best of our knowledge)

They hang approximately 72mm long from the top of the earring hook to the bottom of the longest dangle.

Alpaca Silver is an alloy alloy of copper, nickel, zinc and iron, with properties like stainless steel but a very light weight material.
Best way to care for the metal is to wash with warm water and a hint of lemon, or you can even use a mild soap, like washing up liquid or even shampoo.

Perfect gift for some one or especially for your self!

  • AGATE:
  • A soothing and calming stone.
    Enhances truth and brings forth understanding. Strengthens friendship.
    Physically strengthening, grounding whilst energising.
    Provides a balancing of the physical as well as the emotional. Balances Yin/Yang energies. Stabilises the aura.
    Imparts a sense of personal and spiritual strength and courage.
    Can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and to provide for perceptiveness to situations.
    Opens one to innate creative talents.
    Agate's love of truthfulness encourages speaking one's own truth.
    It overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart.
    It heals inner anger, fostering love and the courage to start again.
    It is useful for any kind of emotional trauma. It creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension.
    Leads to spiritual growth and inners stability.
    Its cleansing effect is powerful at the physical and emotional levels.

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