ARCHANGELIC Space CD - Kim Fraser & Geoffrey Russell


This is a NEW CD.

Kim Fraser & Geoffrey Russell present divine music & chant, to lift you into an angelic sound scape so your spirit can soar...

Great for meditation, Reiki, healing, and energy work, Archangelic Space is an ethereal composition of ambient music and chant.
As the title suggests, this divine music will help create a safe and nurturing space in which healing can occur.
Used in conjunction with meditation or healing therapies to raise the energy vibration of the room, or simply played for pure listening pleasure, Archangelic Space can assist you to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.

Music composed, performed and written by Geoffrey Russell
Crystal Bowls by Chiccan
Concept & Vocals by Kim Fraser

Track listing includes:
  • 1. At the Gates of Heaven
  • 2. Divine Fire
  • 3. Dominus O Sanctus
  • 4. Pondering Grace
  • 5. Alleluia
  • 6. Song of Earth
  • 7. Soul Song: Om Maya
  • 8. Journey's End
Suitable for - Meditation / Pure enjoyment/ Yoga / Reiki / Massage / Healing / Relaxation

Kim Fraser is a spiritual teacher with a difference.
Kim is devoted to helping people open their hearts to experience more love, and open their minds to expand their consciousness.
Through a variety of techniques including clairvoyant observation and Spiritual healing, she helps people break through blockages and to attain peace and harmony.
This enables clients to access a richer and more fulfilling life, and to touch the heart of their own Spiritual nature.
If you are sick of the same old problems, if you feel that there's got to be more than this!
If you feel anxious and stressed a lot of the time, or depressed, if your health is concerning you, your relationships are a disaster or if you are merely curious, do yourself a favour and learn about your spirit!
The answer to most of our problems in life are to be found by reaching out and growing just a bit more, and practicing skills that are tried and tested, which have brought healing and fulfilment to a great many people.
Kim's lifelong, passionate interest in human relationships and behaviour and growing Spiritual awareness has drawn her to learn from many Spiritual teachers.
She has embraced various forms of meditation, studied Arhatic Yoga, Pranic Healing, crystals, energy anatomy, counselling, Astrology, Reiki, Ascension etc.
Through her studies Kim has developed a greater sense of self, inner confidence, peace and material abundance.
Unexpectedly, through her Spiritual practices and healing work, she has developed clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. She says, "If I can do this anyone can!"
She now teaches others how to develop their own multi- sensory awareness.

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