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Crystals are very often millions of years old and the traditions associated with them are many and ancient.
Crystals have electromagnetic power that can intensify the human electromagnetic field – or aura, to help in many ways such as clarifying thoughts, create emotional balance, enhance intuition and creativity, channel energy and heal. The energies of the mineral kingdom are “universal energies”

How to Choose Crystals either for Yourself or Others?

The most important point in choosing a crystal is to trust your own intuition, to go with your impulse or initial attraction. Alternatively you might choose the particular type or crystal for its function or colour and then choose the particular piece that most suits you.
When choosing Crystals as gifts, imagine the person in your mind, or feel them in your heart, then concentrate on the crystals choosing one that seems to fit with the person who you are selecting for.
Sometimes you may be drawn to a particular crystal without knowing the reason, this crystal has “found” you.

Why Cleanse Your Crystals?

Crystals naturally conduct, receive, store, transmit, amplify, and absorb energy as they interact with surroundings. The human body and energy field cause changes in the vibrational structure of crystals as they are worn and handled.
If crystals are not cleansed regularly, energies build up within their structure and their active properties decrease in effectiveness.
In order to get the best from your crystals it is important to cleanse them of excess energies which include memories, programmes and any negativities that they might have collected & stored in the journey to you or from their environment.
The amount that you cleanse your crystal depends upon a number of things such as how often the crystal is used, what the crystal is used for and the amount of people handling the crystal.
Use your intuition when determining how often each of your crystals should be cleansed.
The method chosen to cleanse your crystals should be made again intuitively but it is important to identify that some methods of cleansing crystals are unsuitable in regards to the crystals structure. Some stones will fracture or even dissolve in water, others are fine in water but will be affected by essential oils, and some will fade in sunlight and alter in appearance if buried in the earth.
Generally the harder and less porous the stone, the more it can handle. Quartz, Agate, Obsidian, Jasper etc are fairly hardy stones. Be careful of stones that are porous or delicate in appearance. Most selenite will dissolve or crumble in water. Other stones to watch are lepidolite, calcite and fluorite. Many deep coloured stones will fade if left in the sun for too long. Also avoid the water cleansing methods with crystal jewellery set with glue.

There are many methods that can be used for cleansing crystals some are as follows:
  1. Running Water – a fresh (clean) running stream is best. Running tap water will do the trick with most quartz if one holds the clear intention of cleansing the crystal.
  2. Salt Water - The Ocean is best, but if that is not an option use a couple of spoons of sea or rock salt in fresh water (preferably in a glass bowl) The salt solution absorbs the unwanted energies. Discard the water after use.
  3. Essential Oils – Use a few drops of Pure Essential oil in a glass bowl of fresh water to cleanse and/or energise crystals. Cleansing, purifying oils such as Tea Tree, Thyme and sage work quickly and effectively. Use your intuition as to which oil/s you’ll use, they all work!
  4. Smudging – Run the smoke of an incense or smudge stick over the crystals allowing it to flow over and around the crystal. Smoke is believed to flow through all objects, lifting away-unwanted energies. (Try to use natural incense/ smudge sticks; Sage sticks are ideal)
  5. Crystals – Amethyst and Citrine clusters cleanse any crystal left on them by drawing out and storing the disharmonious energies. Clear Quartz clusters energise. Kyanite and Citrine are self-cleansing, but they do need energising from time to time.
  6. Burying – Crystals can be buried in the earth (preferably point up) to purify and recharge. The soil draws out the impurities. It is best to bury them under a tree, as the soil will be more pure.
  7. Sunlight – Midday sun is extremely energising to crystals and cleansing to those crystals that resonate with the sun’s warm vibration (extended exposure should be avoided)
  8. Moonlight – Moonlight is wonderfully energising and cleansing, full moon is the most powerful.
  9. Thought Cleansing – If you are extremely attuned to your crystals you may be able to cleanse the ‘mentally’ by asking them to release all negative energy.

Dedicating or Programming your Crystals:

Cleanse your crystal first before dedicating it. You can dedicated your crystal to anything – healing, empowering yourself, to increase your intuitive powers keeping your home in balance, to support you to achieve a very specific outcome or goal.
Dedicating your crystal requires you to concentrate your own thoughts into the crystal so that its energy is directed along with your own to help achieve the outcome.
Hold the crystal in the right hand and place the right hand in the left hand, concentrate on visualising your goal and imagine it projected into the crystal.
Conscious “willing” of the crystal should only be for using it in love, in light, and for the good of all.
Crystals will keep repeating the vibrations indefinitely which means you can keep your dedication constantly alive.

Meditating with Crystals:

Meditation is a time when you calm the mind and access inner thoughts, messages and feelings.
By holding your crystals or placing them on your body you can enhance your meditation and gain increased energy and insights.
It is also a good time to get to know and bond with your crystals.

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