This is a NEW information & Guided Meditation CD (Sealed in plastic).

A Guided Meditation for Love and Joy.

Do you wish for more joy and spontaneity in your life?
Would you like to experience feelings of love and connectedness?
Would you like to set your spirit free to explore and enjoy life without fear?

It is no secret that dolphins have captured the human imagination because of their unique intelligence, sensitivity and joyful nature.
In this delightful meditation you will be guided to visualise playing with dolphins, connecting with, and sharing in their joy and love.
Visualising this positive imagery can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels, disperse negative thoughts and uplift the spirit.
As you frolic with the dolphins in this safe and peaceful environment, allow all your worries to float away and reclaim for your inner child a sense of spontaneity and joy that may be missing in your life. - adapted from CD booklet.

Featuring music by Midori / Medwyn Goodall.

Track1: Swimming with the Dolphins.

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