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DAKSHINA leapt to Number 1 in Amazon.com New Age Charts and to #13 in Amazon's mainstream music charts on the first day of its release!

"My vision for DAKSHINA is to honour 'the Inner Guru' in all its multi - dimensional aspects, and to show my deep respect for the essence of all spiritual paths." Deva Premal

The transcendent music of Dakshina celebrates Padmasambhava of Tibet; Saraswati the Hindu goddess of music; Lord Shiva the destroyer of illusions; Siri Guru Granth Sahib from the sacred writings of the Sikhs; Lord Krishna, and ultimately, our own inner, personal Guru.

Mantras are rapidly becoming the music of choice for people seeking solace in sound, and Deva Premal, dubbed by one reviewer as the 'Enya of Mantra', is the voice they're turning to.

With over 400,000 CDs sold worldwide and a buzz of interest from ardent fans ranging from yogis, therapists and alternative health practitioners to Cher and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Deva Premal and her partner Miten have achieved a huge degree of recognition in the blossoming niche world of Yoga Music.
Deva Premal's music is driven by a simple yet elegant vision: "everybody with a voice can sing, and everyone with a breath in their body can experience their divinity... we share with others the healing power of music, and the bliss that it brings."
The phenomenon of her groundswell of listeners is living proof that mantras are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.
Featuring Deva Premal's transcendent voice layered in a chorus of lush harmonies, Dakshina is a celebration of the divine, perfect for Yoga and relaxation.

Track listing includes:
  • 1 Om Hraum - 4:17
  • 2 Om Namah Shivaya - 6:27
  • 3 Guru Rinpoche Mantra - 8:56
  • 4 Aad Guray - 6:03
  • 5 Homage to Krishna - 8:50
  • 6 Om Purnam I - 3:57
  • 7 Om Purnam II - 5:16
  • 8 Brahma-Nandam - 9:48
Suitable for - Meditation / Chanting / Ritual / Pure enjoyment / Yoga / Massage / Healing / Relaxation

More news: For every copy of Dakshina sold, trees are being planted to balance the effects the CD production has on the environment. See FutureForests.com

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