DVD - Massage for all: An Introduction.


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Product Description:
This introductory tutorial in the art of massage is a straight forward guide to simple massage techniques that you can begin practicing on friends and family, to help relieve stress and injury and help us in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
With close-up shots of the massage strokes used, and detailed explanations of the basic principles and benefits of massage, this is an essential teaching aid for students and amateurs alike.

• Demonstrates the basic principles of massage
• Shows you how to relax and slow own your mind
• Conveys the physical and emotional benefits of massage
• Detailed close-up shots of the massage strokes used
• An essential teaching aid for students and interested amateurs alike

Running Time Approx: 46 minutes.

The following information is taken from the back of the DVD artwork:

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Some discs have multiple zones ensuring playability in other countries, providing that your DVD player and television are both PAL compatible.

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