Dreams - A Book of Symbols - Haydn Cornner


This is a new hard cover information book containing details relating to Sufi Wisdom.

There is a world of irrational thoughts, fantastic images, and rare omens that is unleashed when your mind is at rest.
Through dreams, many people have foreseen happy events; they also have been warned of impending doom.
It is said that Joan of Arc predicted her own death, that the famine of Egypt was revealed in a dream, that history would be rewritten had Julius Caesar heeded the warning contained in his wife's dream.
What do dreams mean?
How can they help us understand ourselves and our destiny?
In this little A-to-Z guide, you'll learn which dreams are good omens and which are warnings, what it means to dream of a frog, and why a dream about something as beautiful as a diamond is not always a good thing. From acorns and islands to stars and zebras.
Dreams will explain it all.

This little hard cover book is approximately 71mm wide by 83mm long and 14mm thick and it has a little metal sun dangle pendant attached as well.

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